Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are the type of blinds that pop into your head whenever you think of blinds. They are a contemporary alternative to curtains and will fit into any room you choose. This along with all their benefits make them a popular choice amongst many who decide blinds are the way forward for their house, with so many benefits, no matter which room or window there will always be a Venetian blind to fit the situation.

Venetian blind.jpg

So let's have a more in-depth look into Venetian blinds and delve into all these benefits we have been speaking about; all Venetian blinds comprise of horizontal slats which can be raised & lowered to reveal the whole window or to cover the whole area. As well as this they have the function to be rotated so you can adjust the amount of light or air that is coming in through them, this is a great function so you can control exactly how much light is filtered into your room. Not only this but it also helps with privacy, should you want to close off your room to the outside they will ensure that no one can see inside.

As we have said, the simple yet streamline design of Venetian blinds makes them ideal for any room. If you want more of a classic look in the front room, then go for some stylish wooden blinds. If you wanted to give yourself more privacy in the bathroom or kitchen then metal blinds would work best as they would be less likely to get damp and then warp. Due to the way Venetian blinds work they are also very easy to clean and keep in top condition.

Whether you want custom blinds for your conservatory doors or a smaller window, all of our blinds are bespoke and created by us to ensure that you only receive the highest quality, most beautiful Venetian blinds that you will not see anywhere else. Why not speak to us today to find out more.