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Here at Scotts Interiors, we love Vertical Blinds.

They have so many great benefits to enhance any room in your house. If this is your first time deciding to use vertical blinds then you are in for a treat, not only can we design and create you some beautiful looking blinds they are so practical for so many reasons.

Whether for your home or for business’ large and small, on a hot summer day, you can help with the ventilation and are able to either open the blinds to let in the lovely breeze and keep your house cool or if you're trying to have a day in front of the TV then you can close them to shut out all the light and keep that glare down.

Vertical blinds can be perfect for any room in the house, if you are a light sleeper we can make you some blackout blinds which, when closed will shut out almost every last bit of light, we can also offer insulated blinds that can help keep the heat in during those cold winter months. Due to the fact you can draw the blinds to the side as well, they really do offer a practical and elegant solution to any room and all situations.

Vertical blinds are easy to maintain and keep clean as you can unfasten the fittings to make sure they are always looking brand new.

We have a team that has been in the business for over 20 years so you can be assured that we will be able to help you design and choose the best style for your needs. As we will make your blinds to measure it doesn’t matter if you are after a neutral colour or some more vibrant colours, a way to keep the light out or let in the air, some blinds to help you sleep or keep in the heat in the cold months we will make sure you get exactly what you want.