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For home furnishings, there are a number of options available for home and other business owners today. One such furnishing is the window blinds. There are quality window treatment options for this purpose that people opt for. The concern is that not very many people are keen on the safety of their homes and the occupants in terms of potential fires. Take, for example, the fire tragedies that have recently been witnessed in so many places around the world. Some of these incidences may have been prevented by simply installing window blinds that have made to have the ability not to catch fire; the flame-retardant blinds. This category of blinds is made of fabric that doesn’t catch fire because of some special treatments, thereby stopping the spread of the fire. Though they are commonly installed in the kitchen, they need to be installed in other rooms as well. This helps to reduce the amount of damage caused as a result of accidental fires and hence help in life-saving.

How do the Flame-Retardant Blinds Actually Work?

Most people will argue that the costs of acquiring these blinds often are high. It’s, however, important to note that the protection they offer is invaluable. With them on your windows as a homeowner, you’ll have the peace of mind as they guarantee the safety of the family. The coating of these blinds is often a chemical that is applied to a finished material or fabric. This is usually done through topical spraying. The chemical type used is not the same one as it varies from one manufacturer to the other. Generally, there are three ways in which fire-retardant blinds may work. These include:

 Wall of blinds

Endothermic Reaction

We know that fire spreads by catching a flammable material and then moves from one part of the material to the other. Once ignited from one end, a material will continue burning all the way to the other end. When one material is completely burnt, the fire passes on to the next material. This spread continues until all the materials that are close to one another have all been burnt. The endothermic reaction is the cooling of a material so that it doesn’t have the ability to catch fire. This is one way in which the fire-retardant blinds work. Because of the temperature of the material false substantially, it loses its ability to catch fire.

Creation of a protective layer

So, the aim of every fire-prevention technique is to ensure that any material that can burn doesn’t come in contact with the fire. This is the other way in which the fire-retardant blinds work. This is achieved by having the fabric of the blind material is coated with a layer that protects it from getting in contact with fire. This coating can be any substance that in itself isn’t capable of catching fire.

By Dilution

To extinguish a fire, water mist is often used by the firefighters. This is the idea of dilution as in the case of flame retardant blinds. When the blinds come in contact with a flame water vapour is released to put out the fire that may have started burning at any given part of the accelerant.


Most, if not all, blind fabrics are made of materials that can accelerate a fire. It’s, therefore, important to ensure that they are treated in any of the above three ways to ensure that they become retardant to flames. With a variety existing in the market today, flame-retardant blinds come in different style and colours that one can choose from.