How do Venetian Blinds Work?

Venetian blinds appear to be complex but are simpler than you'd expect. A venetian blind’s mechanism is hidden behind a casing which makes it hard to visualise thus giving off the idea that venetian blinds are complex. 

However, as mentioned venetian blinds are actually very simple, once you know the functions and understand the internal mechanisms of these blinds you will understand exactly how venetian blinds work. Then the knowledge that you gain will make fixing any issues or cleaning hard to reach areas, much easier.

The Basics of Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are made up of layers of horizontal slats typically made from plastic, wood or aluminium. These horizontal slats are then drawn up and let down through the use of a pulley system that is housed in the casing at the top of the blinds. Also, the slats within the blinds can rotate forwards and backwards to give a different angle for light or privacy, but can also be closed completely.

White Venetian blinds Open_82912892.jpg

There is also a locking mechanism that is within the casing that allows a person to pull the blinds up or let down part of the way to cover a section of the window. Also, this braking system allows for the blinds to be pulled and locked at the top, allowing you to open and clean windows.

Venetian Blinds Tilt Mechanism

The slats have holes at either end in which a lifting cord is threaded through. Either end is then linked together by a horizontal thread to form a ladder-type of connection between all the slats. This is then linked together to a tilting wand which is spun either clockwise or anticlockwise to angle the slats.

Venetian Blinds Locking Mechanism

The breaking mechanism is housed within the casing at the top of the venetian blind. The locking system works by diagonally pulling the cord across the blinds, this then locks the blinds at the desired height.

To release the locking system you use the same method, which then releases the blinds allowing the lowering or raising of the blinds.

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