Commercial Blinds and Curtains have become a very essential part of the working environment to employees. This has resulted in many organizations investing in them in order to improve the overall employee productivity as well as that of the whole organization. However, a number of businesses haven’t been keen on these window treatments and think that they have no implication on the productivity of employees. Therefore, if you’re one such individual, it’s time you changed your train of thought. The blinds and curtains have a direct bearing on the productivity level of those who work for you or those who work for you. Let’s take a look at ways in which these window treatments do this.

1. They add visual appeal

It may sound less effective to most people but it’s true the aesthetics of your office environment will determine whether customers or clients will want to pay you a visit. Due to the various ways in which the commercial blinds and curtains are styled, you can now get one that exactly meets your specific needs as a business. With carefully chosen blinds and curtains, you’ll get more and more customers and clients as they will the visual appeal that your office or business has. This, in turn, makes your employees feel like they want to be part of the business as they get to serve a large number of customers. They’ll be motivated to work harder and hence improve their productivity. 

2. They help you save on the energy costs

These window treatments will reduce the costs that you incur on energy. They serve as a barrier between the office environment and the outdoors. They are a great way to insulate your premise from sunlight as well help in keeping heat within when it’s cold. These all work together to reduce the amount of capital you’d spend energy. This also makes the employees more comfortable and hence will perform better thereby improving productivity. 

3. Changes the thinking of the employees

A number of studies have been carried out to find out how different colours affect the productivity level of employees. These studies have shown that employees become more creative in their thinking when they are surrounded by green and blue colours. It was also found that when surrounded by red tones, they pay absolute attention. Hence, by tailoring your window treatments with these colours, you’re likely to have the employees performing better. 

4. Cut down on Screen Glare

For those employees who sit close to windows, a glare may get onto their screens from the sun. This will negatively affect such employees’ performance. However, with well-tailored commercial blinds and curtains, you can make adjustments to remove the glare but still allow the sunlight. This will reflect the performance of the affected employees.

5. Allow for privacy

Interferences from other offices or from outside the windows negatively affect employee performance. Most people will be more comfortable when they are allowed to have some privacy. In this way, they will be motivated to work harder while concentrating on their tasks. This will reflect on their productivity level positively. 


It’s clear from our discussion that commercial blinds and curtains have the capacity to improve the level of productivity in an organization. If you hadn’t already, think about tailoring your window treatments to help improve the productivity of employees.