Which is the right blind for you?

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There are a number of beautiful blinds options to fit every style and budget but figuring out which is best for your home can be tricky business. That’s why we’ve put together a handy guide to choosing the right blind for you based on the top priorities most homeowners have - so let’s get started and find you the blinds of your dreams!



For Easy Maintenance


Roller Blinds

These can be easily vacuumed clean or wiped down with a damp cloth. Coming in a range of colours and fabric designs, these blinds are functional, practical as well as elegant.


Faux Wood Blinds

Because these blinds aren’t made from real wood and are waterproof, they can be wiped down with a wet cloth to clean, and you can use some cleaning chemicals too if needed, which can combat the build up of grime and bacteria. Being able to clean with moisture aids cleaning and allows for a more thorough dirt purge too.


Vertical Blinds

The vertical nature of these blinds helps reduce the build-up of dirt and dust, but since these blinds are usually made from a PVC material, they can also be wiped clean with a wet cloth, aiding a faster and more thorough clean.


Aluminium Blinds

The all-time top choice for easy maintenance window coverings, these blinds can be cleaned however you like! Suitable for vacuuming, wiping or dusting with a hand duster, these blinds are incredibly efficient, and are pretty sleek and stylish too.


Blocking out Light


Blackout Roller Blinds & Vertical Blinds

These are just normal roller or vertical blinds that have a thicker material attached to make them black out blinds. Opt for vertical ones if you want to have more flexibility of incoming light through the day.


Perfect Fit, or INTU Blinds

These are measured to fit the size of the glass within your window and fit perfectly (you can see where they get their name). These can also be fitted with blackout material so that you get an incredible blackout effect.


Wooden Venetian Blinds

Wood doesn't let in light so these blinds are pretty effective for blocking it out, however the slats mean that these blinds don’t offer 100% blackout. They do a pretty good job, but if you want total darkness, it’s best to go for one of the other two mentioned above.


The Cheapest Blinds Available


Roller & Vertical

These two are a couple of the most basic designs and are therefore normally the cheapest. However, despite their simplicity, they can still be beautiful blinds and there are a range of ways you can customise the fitting and design. Of course, the more you customise your blinds the more expensive they become!



These are another cheap design on the spectrum of blinds styles, and look fabulous.


Aluminium Venetian

Made from a cheaper material, aluminium Venetian blinds are another cheaper option for those on a budget.


Energy Efficiency



Covering a large area and keeping the whole window area insulated, panel blinds are a great insulator for your home.


Wooden Venetian

Wood is a great insulator. Enough said!



With a Honeycomb design that traps in heat and keep out cold, Duette is an excellent quality choice for your home, that will pay for itself in your energy savings.


Twist Vision

With multiple layers of fabric, this clever blind design is as good at insulating as it is innovative about the way it lets in light.


We hope this guide helped you figure out some of your priorities and which blinds might best suit what you are looking for.

For more information on any of the below blinds, visit our main blinds page here.