Wood Blinds Vs Shutters. Which is better?

The question that many homeowners ask is which is the right window covering? The process to choose the right option for investing in becomes convoluted. To eliminate this issue and make the right investment, here are a few things you should know.

Ideally, blinds are window coverings that have vanes that one slides up or down to control the amount of light required in the room. They come in different designs and styles to complement and accommodate the texture of home’s decor.

This type of window covering comes in various styles that accommodate any architectural designs. The vanes of this type are adjustable to control the light received. This ability can allow total darkness to be achieved. Shutters can be made of quality wood, vinyl or even a blend of the two also known as a composite. There are two types; the plantation shutters and the plain shutters.

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Comparison: Advantages and disadvantages

Both the shutters and blinds have advantages over each other which eases the decision-making process.

Blinds are cheaper to buy and install as compared to shutters. This makes them gain popularity. Despite shutters being more expensive, they add value to your house in case of a resale during upgrades or in-house evaluations for loan collaterals.

Light Control and energy efficiency
Due to the architecture of the blinds, it is difficult to fully control the amount of light entering a room. The gaps between the vanes also allows small amounts of light to pass through. This makes it difficult to block sunlight during summer resulting in raised room temperature.
Shutters are advantageous since one has full control of the amount of light. They have the structural ability to block the sun-rays in summer hence cooling the room. This makes them energy efficient. 

Blinds are not long lasting but if kept under good maintenance, they could achieve five or more years of life. This is because of failures in the pulling mechanism and in the lightness of the louvers. The shutters are capable of achieving up to and above fifty years due to their lack of cords. 

Ease of Maintenance
Since blinds are made of thin, small spaced vanes, it is difficult to do any dusting and cleaning. Unlike the blinds, Shutters have bigger spaces allowing no-hassle cleaning. 

It is noticeable from the pros and cons that there is no wrong choice. It all depends on your budget spending and one’s plan for the future.