Wooden Blinds: How they can change the feel of your home

Wooden blinds have a range of both practical and aesthetic benefits that they can provide a home with. The window treatments are a vital element of design to a room. However, they’re also functional. Based on the different styles found in different rooms, wooden blinds are just but one of the many available alternatives for window treatments. Over the past decades, the blinds have increased in popularity because they’re easy to maintain, are affordable and are versatile. The reasons why people choose the wooden blinds are that they make rooms warmer and also offer many practical benefits.

We offer faux wood blinds, which are naturally flame retardant and tend to be the more cost effective way to go. We also two options in real wood blinds. The first is a cut down blind, where a blind that is already manufactured is cut down to your specific sizes. This option is the less expensive option. If you want to spend a little more, we can manufacture to your measurements from scratch.

Either way, there are plenty of colour choices, and co-ordinating fabric tapes.