Top tips on how to clean your blinds

We all know how important blinds are to a house. They improve the aesthetics of the house, they can help block out light or allow more into your rooms, give you control over airflow in those hot months and so on. However, blinds need to be cleaned every so often to ensure they always look beautiful and keep functioning as they should. The problem is that most people find the process of cleaning blinds cumbersome, or maybe they just do not know the correct way to clean the blinds they have, due to this a lot of people leave their blinds and this causes them to gather dust and not look as attractive as they should do. No matter what your thoughts are, if you have blinds in your house then you are going to need to clean them. There are many methods you can use to accomplish this task. Given that blinds are made of different materials; the cleaning process may differ slightly from one to the next. The following are the basic and easiest ways of going about it.

1. Dust your blinds using a vacuum cleaner. This should be done regularly and whilst you use the brush adaptation. It is recommended that vacuuming is done along the blinds slats and not against the slats. This should ensure you do not damage the blinds while dusting.

2. You can also try using dry sponges or rubber sponges which you could pick up from your local hardware store. This can help you remove residue and dust that accumulates on both vinyl and fabric blinds. All the caution you’ll need to take is to ensure you wipe the sponge across the blinds while dry. This should only be done with smooth sponges to reduce the risk of marking your blinds.

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3. For cleaning vertical blinds, you should take caution to only brush downwards when vacuuming or dusting. This is because when brushed upwards, the slats are likely to become unhooked. Also, you will find it easier to clean one blind at a time rather than trying to sweep across all the blinds.

4. In the event that you want to clean a spot or mark on the blinds, it is a wise move to spray an all-purpose cleaner on a dry cloth. The spot is then cleaned by wiping it using the sprayed cloth. It’s not advisable to directly spray the cleaner onto the window blind. Always make sure you check that the cleaning product is suitable for your blinds so you do not end up damaging them.

5. You could always try out a specialised lamb’s wool duster, these are fantastic to help with cleaning your blinds. When doing this, just like everything we have discussed, you should start from the top of the blind and dong it across the slats. Plastic dusters should never be used.

6. As mentioned many people do not like cleaning in general & due to this cleaning the blinds take a backseat. If you have fabric blinds then you can always decide to take them to the dry cleaner. 

7. Vinyl and Metals can be cleaned differently. For these, you can use water and a small amount of cleaning solution, if you are having issues cleaning them inside you could remove the blinds and take them to the driveway or patio.

Then lay them on a piece of carpet or small rug. In a bucket containing some water, drop some drops of dishwashing soap. Just a few drops will do. With a wet (and soft) car-washing brush or sponge, clean the blinds from one side to the next. When done with the one side, turn it over and do the same for the other side. For rinsing, use a garden hose. While doing this, ensure the water runs off by tilting the blinds. Run your finger or a tissue quickly down the slats a number of times to prevent any spots and get rid of excess water. 

As we’ve seen, there are numerous ways that you can use to clean blinds. The relevant question to ask then is, “which is the easiest ways?” From our list, there are methods that are easy and are suited for different types of blinds. It should, however, be noted that you should not use any strong detergents when cleaning any style of blinds, and the utmost of care must be taken to ensure that your blinds stay looking beautiful and keep your house the envy of everyone else on your street! Hopefully, this has helped you and you are now ready to go off and make sure your blinds look brand new.