Top blinds that will be perfect this winter

Winter is the time of the year when we come to a realization that warmth can be a precious thing in our lives. Usually, the bills go up as a result of the need to keep our rooms warmer and more comfortable to relax in. However, you could decide that this is the year that you finally get some beautiful new blinds. This could benefit you twofold, firstly your home will look stunning but secondly, your new designer blinds could save you money in the future as they will insulate your house in a way you never thought possible. You’ll surely cut the cost by a good percentage. There are a number of blind designs that you can use for this purpose but here are the top 5 that you should be aware of. Here at Scotts Interiors we can design and fit your made to measure blinds to suit all your needs.

1. Insulated blinds
They are alternatively known as the honeycomb blinds. Their design is based on the ability of blinds to trap air. The structure of these blinds allows them to perform the task of keeping the room warm by trapping air between their layers. They are helpful both in winter and even summer. During the colder months, insulated blinds help in retaining the hot air within the room. When summer comes, the do the opposite of what they do in winter by preventing hot air from getting into the room plus they block out the sun.

intu pleated.JPG

2. Thermal roller blinds
Thermal roller blinds work best when your windows are double-glazed. They have multiple layers of a thermal material. This ensures that heat is not conducted away from the room. To ensure that they serve you better, you must keep them down. Another important thing to do with these blinds is to fit as close as you can to the windows. This leaves only a small gap that cold air can pass through. Hence, it is best if they are made to the measure of your window. This will leave absolutely no gaps, making them very effective. 

3. Blackout blinds
Another great way to use blinds to fight off cold this winter is by using the blackout blinds. Like insulated blinds, they are made to have thermal properties and prevent heat loss to the outside. Along with preventing the loss of heat, blackout blinds can be used to prevent the build-up of heat and unwanted light. They belong to the roller group of blinders and are therefore most effective when pulled down.

4. Thermal Roman blinds
Designer Roman blinds can also be made to serve the purpose of heat retention. The fabric used in this case is the one that has thermal properties. Hence, they use the mechanism of prevention of heat loss to keep the room warm during the winter. If used alongside thermal roller blinds with curtains that are lined with thermal properties, they give an extra layer to help retaining heat. Like most of the other blinds, they are more effective pulled down over the glass.

roman blind

5. Wooden Venetian blinds
Venetian wooden blinds are made light to act as a layer of insulation to the windows. They are operated by closing and tilting the slats. When they are open, they give a little insulation. However, when closed completely, they give optimal insulation to the room. 

Cut down on the costs you incur to keep your room warm and cosy by getting any of these designer blinds. The good news is, a number of them serve during the winter to keep your room warm but also prevent hot air and unwanted light from getting into the room during summer.