Curtains vs Blinds - which will you choose

Curtains vs Blinds

Everyone knows that for every window (and some doors) in your house you are going to need either a set of curtains or some blinds, sometimes you may even choose to have both.  Today we are going to discuss the different types of curtains & blinds that are available and the pros and cons of both.

By the end of this article you should have a decent understanding of which will suit your needs best, and of course, here at Scotts Interiors, we can supply you with the highest quality curtains and blinds once you have made that choice. So let's get started, we will go through the main rooms in every house:

The lounge/living area

The general consensus is that curtains give a more homely feel to any room, they are easily able to give a room that bit of extra oomph. With curtains, you normally get a wider range of styles and materials which ensure you can make sure your curtains fit in with your current décor. With curtains, you are able to add more decorative additions like stylish tie backs or beautifully padded pelmets or headings.

Blinds, on the other hand, are making a come back in the living room. Roman blinds, for example, look chich and can look really stylish given the lovely materials you can now get to create them. If you are a family that loves to gather around the television then maybe some blinds that can control the light on a sunny day but still let in the air might work for you.

Overall curtains tend to be the preferred choice for the lounge, but depending on your views maybe fitting curtains & blinds could be the best option.


Now the kitchen is a place that you want to ensure you can see everything & that is a cool place. (both in temperature when your cooking and in looks) Now due to the demanding nature of the kitchen blinds tend to be the better option, when your cooking or washing up you can cause splashes which will need cleaning and blinds tend to be an easier option to clean. This along with the fact you can get many blinds which let in loads of light and air make them the best choice.

That being said if you have a set of back doors in your kitchen a nice set of curtains or drapes could look fantastic and while they away from the hob and sick you will not have to worry about cleaning them as often.


Now while blinds are becoming more popular in the bedroom, curtains or a mix tend to be the best option. You may work night shifts, just love a lie in or maybe your kids just need an extra place to hide while playing hide & seek, curtains offer a decorative warming option in the bedroom. If you need to make sure all the light is kept out the room then you are best off getting some blinds followed up with some blackout curtains, this combination will ensure you get a peaceful nights sleep.


Now the bathroom is more like the kitchen, normally you will see blinds rather than curtains. This is to ensure privacy and means you can still let in lots of light. If you want o to add a touch of class to your bathroom you could maybe use some Roman blinds which are available in wood or some form of stylish fabrics, they will add a touch of class to any bathroom.


As you can see, depending on your own preference you can fit out any room with wither curtains or blinds. However, it tends to be that the cosier & homier you want a room, like a lounge or a bedroom your best bet is curtains possibly matched with some blinds. In the kitchen & bathroom blinds tend to be the best option to go for.

Either way every room in your house needs one or the other so make sure you take time to think about what you want from your room and how you want it to feel and look.

If you need any help make sure you contact us here at Scotts Interiors and we will pop out for a visit to get things moving, we will help you through the process from the original planning through to making and fitting your bespoke curtains & blinds.